Sydney Analytical Laboratories

Sydney Analytical Laboratories is an independent chemical testing facility carrying out a comprehensive range of inorganic analyses on soils, waters, aggregates and biological materials. The lab is NATA accredited for the majority of testing procedures, principally servicing clients from the environmental, manufacturing and civil engineering fields. Major items of equipment include ICP-OES, Ion Chromatograph, AAS, FIA, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer and Carbon/Nitrogen Analysers. Tests such as organic and/or microbiological constituents are sub-contracted out to reputable NATA accredited laboratories on request.


SAL generally has a 5-10 working days turnaround, depending on batch size and detection limits. Please specify if a faster turnaround is required (higher charges apply). The laboratory can comfortably handle up to 500 soils and/or 300 waters per week for a normal range of environmental parameters.


The laboratory carries out extensive documented QA/QC procedures as set out in ANZECC Guidelines for Laboratory Testing of Environmental Soils and APHA “Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater” (Latest Edition). Both standards set out definitions of bias, lower limits of detection (MDL), precision, accuracy, completeness and comparability; along with correct procedures for standard reagent preparations, instrument calibrations, data reduction validation and reporting, and corrective actions where required.

The laboratory also participates in frequent proficiency testing programs which monitor inter-laboratory performance. Organisations running these programs include PTA, NMI and ASPAC. Results of all programs are inspected during NATA laboratory audits, held every 18 months. Another facet of the quality system is the nature and frequency of internal check standards and samples. These provide batch to batch monitoring of analytical data for precision and accuracy, enabling immediate corrective actions to be undertaken should discrepancies come to light. The laboratory’s QA/QC program has been fully approved by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). Further details on any or all of these procedures can be supplied on request.

Laboratory: 1/4 Abbott Road, Seven Hills NSW 2147
ABN: 81 829 182 852
Phone: (02) 9838 8903
Fax: (02) 9838 8919
Email Address:
Lance Smith (Chief Chemist)
Kate Smith (Lab Supervisor)